Sunday, January 8, 2012

Horrible Night, So I Lit A Candle

Last night was rough.  Mrs. Groundhog has a cracked tooth and it's infected.  We're both dealing with lovely South Texas Mountain Cedar allergies on top of that.  All in all we both felt pretty horrible last night, enough so to miss church and I hate doing that.  The extra sleep helped a whole lot though.  Enough that I might be able to handle Monday half way decently.  But then, I though about... GUN VIOLENCE!

It's been about 8 years since my family experienced GUN VIOLENCE!  It took us a couple more years of chewing on the problem before we decided the world was truly enough of a violent place that we ought to be able to defend ourselves as we went about living.  Yeah, I know.  Seems like we're a little slow.  The reality of it though is it takes some people time to process a weighty thing like daily carrying around something that would normally only be used to defend ones self with lethal force (assuming your not at the range for all the other fun uses they have!).  It's intimidating and takes some time to get used to.  Also, you need to deal with the mental preparedness of using it and the results of that use.  If you aren't willing to defend your life then you might as well not carry.  Your mileage may vary.

We took the plunge and got licensed to carry.  I'm of the opinion that you should not need any sort of government permission to exercise that right but that's another post.  We've renewed once since then and not had nearly enough range time (or fun) to suit us.  Getting into the gun culture introduced me to a number of gun bloggers who regularly fight for our 2nd amendment right and bring the light of clarity focusing brightly on the misinformation and distortions that the anti gun rights activists promote in their efforts to confiscate every gun in civilian hands stop GUN VIOLENCE!  Apparently no other kind of violence really matters to them.  Their latest nation wide effort to stop GUN VIOLENCE! was to have people all over the country light a candle.  Yup, light a candle to stop GUN VIOLENCE!

So, this guy Weer'd comes up with a better idea.  He suggests we do our own version of lighting a candle and take a picture of it with our daily carry guns.  Sorta show what can really prevent GUN VIOLENCE! along with a pretty candle.  In this household we like to double our pleasure and our odds so we both carry to prevent GUN VIOLENCE! or any other kind for that matter.  In keeping with my fellow gun bloggers I proudly present our picture of our daily carry guns!

Mr. and Mrs. Groudhog's daily carry.  Her Glock 17 on the left, my XD9 on the right.  Thoroughly range tested...
Hats off to Weer'd for coming up with this nifty idea.  One small bit of explanation.  I capitalized and italicized GUN VIOLENCE! everywhere I used it and followed it with an exclamation point.  This is how the anti gun rights people make it sound whenever they are railing against gun ownership by common citizens.  It is akin to a group of researchers who want to stamp out only one kind of cancer and refusing to even acknowledge the existence of other kinds lest their arguments fall to pieces and their funding get cut.  Fortunately, they are having exactly those kind of results and their followers are few.

I'll tell you what my picture personally represents.  The lit candles are a memorial to all who have suffered CRIMINAL violence.  The guns represent the best tool we have to prevent and combat CRIMINAL violence.  It gives us a fighting chance against it.  They stop force with FORCE.  The holsters represent daily vigilance.  The tools do no good if left at home or locked up in a safe.  It's a mindset, an attitude and an action that gives the Groundhogs a confident edge.

Oh, the extra magazines?  Surely you realize that 70 rounds gives you a much better chance against the zombie hordes when you're trying to fight your way back to your rifle (that you never should have put down in the first place you big dummy!)!


  1. Excellent post - thank you, I really enjoyed it. It took me a good long while to get my first gun, and I still haven't worked up to a carry permit yet, so I'm one of the slow ones.

    This is a great "movement" - I hope it takes off!!

    1. Thanks for the compliment! I won't exactly overwhelm you with posts over here but I do try to keep them coming :)

      I think there may be some possibilities on a movement and you actually just gave me an idea. And don't worry about being slow. Forward progress is still progress!

  2. My husband is the weapons guy in our family, though he tells me I need a gun of my own. I think the whole anti-gun movement is idiotic, but sadly that's what happens when folks are out of touch with the natural Creation; they jump on causes because they know somethings wrong with the system, they just haven't yet figured out what.

    1. You are most correct my dear. And so is he. You do indeed need a "human behavior correction device" of your own! Go to gun show. Find what fits your hand. Buy it. Shoot it a lot. Alternatively, get several gunnie friends to do "bring every stinking gun you own to the range day". Try them all.

      Unfortunately, guns are not typically built for woman's hand strength and don't conceal as well on a woman's frame. I have found though, that a few hand guns fit my wife's hand good. And she likes the Glock so that makes accessories abundant. Did you know there is a gizmo you can mount on the back of a glock that makes pulling the slide back real easy? I didn't until recently. Alas, I tend to favor the less wide spread guns and folks tend to make fewer accessories for my favorites. Good luck and be safe out there!