Friday, March 16, 2012

My Bit Of 2A Activism

I found out today that my new vision insurance wasn't accepted by the normal eye doctor I see.  After asking around the office to see if anyone else had it, used it, who'd they see, where, etc. I found another doctor in the same shopping center that accepted it.  After work today I popped over to make an appointment and per the normal arrangement found her office next to an eyeglasses store called Visionworks.  They used to be an EyeMasters.  Apparently they are changing their name.  I'd been there before when they were under the EyeMasters label quite a while back.  I never went back because they had the Texas 30.06 statute posted prohibiting the lawful carry of concealed handguns.  At that time I didn't have reason to need or want to shop there so I just chalked them off my nice store list.

Texas 30.06 Sign

Well, I now find that it would be awfully convenient to drop in over there tomorrow after I get my exam but I can't because I'll be carrying.  I went back to my truck after making my appointment and was about to leave when I started getting irritated about it.  Since I had just come from a super secure, super safe military facility where weapons are totally prohibited and it's a felony if you break that rule, I happened to not be carrying at the time.  Now mind you, I don't like that either but I'm not willing to go to jail to protest it.  I also figure getting some face time with the base commander to politely explain how useless the signs are would get nowhere and not be in my best interests.  So since I was already disarmed I went in and asked to speak to the manager.

She was a nice lady and I wanted to be nice to her and as convincing as I could be.  At times like this the fact that I look rather intimidating does not help matters at all.  But I nervously pushed on saying I'd like to talk to her about the no guns sign on the door.  I was immediately met with what I figured was true in that it was company policy and they couldn't do anything, not their fault, etc.  I said I understood but would you mind if I educated you a little about what the sign does?  She was OK with that so I proceeded to show her my CHL license, explaining what I had to go through to get it.  I explained that a LOT of Texans have these and by having that sign up there you keep regular law abiding citizens from entering your shop because they'd be committing a crime.  To personalize it more I explained that that is exactly what will happen tomorrow because I'm coming in for my exam next door and won't be able to come into your store after to get some glasses since I'll be carrying then.  Also telling them that they had a very nice store and I'd love to buy my glasses there.

She seemed to understand and I deliberately didn't go into too much detail hoping only to get this simple message across.  Sign equal less money in store coffers.  Nothing else really mattered or would matter to the higher up types anyway, although to them I could explain the more intricate bits about how the sign wasn't doing them a lick of good and anyone without a permit would already be committing a crime by being in there, or out front walking around with it.  Here in Texas though we can actually drive right up to your front door with a handgun in our cars perfectly legally without gubment permission and the store can't stop that at all.  She said she'd pass that on to her managers for me and it all went as pleasant as pie.

So, I did a tiny bit today to advance my admittedly limited second amendment rights.  The manager and anyone she tells the story to will at least brush up against the fact that rights do, in fact, affect people at the smallest levels of life.  Most won't care but you never know if you planted a seed.  I may wave to her tomorrow when I go next door if I see her.  I also realize that if I really give a rip I need to write the company as well.  Anyone that's read my stuff knows I do that kind of thing so it's next on the agenda.  I alone might not make a difference but I bet it would only take 9 other people to "inform" the company that the policy is bad to get them to change it...


  1. Great! We had a chain of grocery stores that all of a sudden went "No Carry". A campaign was started and emails and phone calls sent to corporate. The signs came down within a month.

    Great job!

  2. Good for you!! I am getting less and less tolerant of these signs. I don't break the law and I am not going to jail, either, but calm, respectful education, that I am fully behind!

  3. Good for you. I was able to influence such a policy in the right direction, here: one of my tenants was directed by their corporate office to post the premises against concealed weapons, but everyone here carries. The head person knew that, and asked my advice. Their signs now said, "These premises are off-limits to weapons except for sworn law enforcement officers and anyone else authorized by law."

    Since that's everyone here except convicted felons, I figure it's a win! :)

  4. I'm pretty lucky in the part of Texas where I live. One of those signs on your door will pretty much make you go out of business as fast as you put it up. The volume of concealed carriers around here is very well known.