Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Tons of stuff to post about.  No time to post!

Doot doot de doot doot... breaking news... well, broke anyway over last few weeks.

Rat snake tried to eat egg.  Shot and stabbed said snake and it still got away.  Status unknown.

20 new chicks take up residence at ranch.

4 lambs survive brutal south Texas spring so far.

Spike and Queeny finally give in to new owners petting requests.

Kid goes to hospital, scares parents.  Goes to miracle doc and gets rib popped out for instant cure!  Yeah, really weird that one...

Film at eleven...


  1. Sounds like a rather hectic time.

  2. Wasn't a move to the country supposed to lead to a slower pace of life?

    Glad kid is okay.
    Post when you can, we'll be here.
    Might be scratching our heads wondering what you are up to and how 'gets rib popped out for instant cure' works -- but we'll be here.