Saturday, April 20, 2013


One of the positions of gun control proponents is that gun rights advocates are paranoid and want guns for "imagined tyranny".  Because our government is always good and no government has ever gone down hill into despotic tyranny in only a few years time.  Just never happens right?  Riiiiiiiiiggggggghhhhhhhhtttttt...

Here is my answer to them:

Tyranny prepared for is tyranny that will only ever be imagined.

- Groundhog


  1. We are paranoid but the police shut down an entire city in the hunt for one criminal.

    And we are crazy because we think the government may over react?

  2. The liberal mind just does not comprehend. Since they tend to gravitate toward collectivism, maybe it really isn't any big deal for them. I mean shoot, if you support Mao or Stalin or Hitler or whoever the next guy is, what do you have to worry about? At least in your own mind. Until you change it. And get purged...

  3. There were two acts of terror committed in Boston:
    The 1st act of terror was the bombing, it was a despicaple act committed by Islamist extremist with the intention of terrorizing people.
    The 2nd act of terror was the reaction of the city government to the 1st act. It was a deliberate over reaction, that violated the 4th admendmant. What truly struck me as funny about it was how well the police executed the house to house searches, almost like they had trained for just such an event. Having spent time in the military I know that to perform house to house searches requires lots and lots of practice and if you saw any of the videos you will notice that it was not just the swat teams doing these searches unless Boston has some 20 swat teams. A lot of the officers looked to be beat cops who suddenly knew how to swarm a house, provide cover for each other, take over a building using the classic high, middle and low approach. It went just too smoothly.....
    I dont see a plot in every event but this one really caught my eye, call me paranoid but the amount of man power, the tatical vehicles that were in the streets and over abundance of helicopters really impressed me.