Sunday, May 5, 2013

Another One!

This one was a surprise this morning.  We were out the door on the way to church and I went to check on Rebel when I saw this ewe with something hanging from her tail.  Further investigation showed some clear sack with what was probably amniotic fluid in it.  She was also leaking this fluid.  I believe we caught her right after water broke.  Videos are a tad graphic so if you're squeamish you might not ought to watch.

This video shows the birth!

Momma bailed right after giving birth so we stepped in. Probably a tad prematurely but after losing the twin a few days ago I didn't want to take any chances. It was pretty cool out this morning and the baby was shivering.

Attempts at bonding throughout the day failed. Including with Rebel's mom.

Mom would come over to baby and paw at it rather violently. The mom of the twins did the same thing but it was much more gentle. It appeared to be an attempt to get the baby to stand up. This was more violent. Then she'd head butt the baby and did so pretty hard. We could not get her corraled in a small spot to attempt a bond and I was getting afraid she would hurt it. The twins mom was a lot more tolerant but she would also gently head butt it to tell it to go away. We gave up for the day after feeding the flock and seeing no interest from mom. She is bleating distressed but can't figure out that the fix is baby. Pistol (that's her name) may have to be reared by hand. At least the flock is accepting of her. We'll need to get her out with them a lot.


  1. And I reckon you didn't make it to church. :-)

    This is really cool!

    - Hsoi

  2. Good luck. It's always tougher when mom rejects the new one(s).