Saturday, May 4, 2013

Rough Week

I need a barn.  Seriously, in a really bad way.  Living with sheep and chickens in your house is both smelly and noisy.  Not to mention a lot of work.  The twins had a rough start and the boy didn't make it.  Vet guessed pneumonia.  The girl started having breathing noises as well so we got her to the vet asap.  One shot of anti-biotics and anti-inflamitory later and she seems to be doing quite well.  The boy was pretty frail though and Rebel, that's her name now, seemed to be a lot more filled out.  She's visibly grown in the last few days.  She also figured out how to nurse yesterday, thank God.  Now we're not "mama" any more and real mom is bonding quite well.  Today they spend at least the day with the heard while we "de-barn" the house.

Also, we're going to graduate some chicks today.  At least 4 are probably big enough to go out to the coop.  I will have to watch them to make sure they can't get out lest they become dog snacks.  Interestingly, sheep stink more than chickens do.  That needs to be a country wisdom post right there!  Actually, I think I may have a few new ones after this week.  Mrs. G and daughter #! were awesome troopers taking care of the newborns, staying up in shifts to feed and hold.  Very tough on us all losing the baby boy.

A note on Great Pyrenees as flock guard dogs.  They are on top of things.  Momma was in great distress when her babies were not with her.  When we had to take Rebel to the vet yesterday, we sent her out to be with the heard.  They make a very sad, pathetic, and urgent baaing noise when in distress.  The 3 dogs surrounded her and escorted her to the rest of the flock.  It was truly amazing.  They earn their bone treats daily!

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  1. Sorry you don't have the barn you need, but you will. And that's cool about the dogs.